iLearn for Learning Providers

As an aggregator; iLearn gives an opportunity to Learning Providers to list their courses in the platform. This facility helps them to popularise their courses among a large audience. This provision can be accessed by the Learning providers signed up with iLearn by uploading their free courses. iLearn allows only the free courses to be listed in the platform. For more information; contact

iLearn Partnership Programs

iLearn Partnership Program allows Universities and Higher Education Providers to develop their own online content and offering; which can be uploaded at iLearn. iLearn provide all the required technical & knowledge consultancy and support as a part of this unique partnership. Similarly, Universities and Higher Education providers can enjoy the iLearn Club Membership for their large number of student pool. For more information; contact

iLearn Club Membership

iLearn is a unique virtual club which offers various grades of membership to learners. The learners can access the membership by signing up. By joining iLearn, you are publicly demonstrating your commitment and desire to your own continued professional development. Attend our knowledge and networking events, become a part of our extensive learning community and receive recognition as a learner by certifying your learning. For more information; contact